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Ultramercial is proud to have been selected by Virgin Mobile USA as their partner for SUGAR MAMA. Your brand will benefit from the years of experience we bring to this full-screen interactive advertising opportunity with Virgin Mobile’s 14-24 year old users.
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Results based on all viewer-started Ultramercial ad units across all sites from January 1 to December 31, 2008. Completion Rate is the percentage of viewers who complete the ad and click to receive their premium content. Click-Through Rate is percentage of viewers who clicked on a sponsor’s link for more info, and is calculated on the number of completed ad units. Average Time of Engagement is measured in seconds and is based on completed ad units. Notes on Ultramercial reporting: 88% of users were on Broadband. Remaining viewers were served low-bandwidth HTML-only creative. Viewing times exceeding 2 minutes were deleted. Average run times vary from commercial-to-commercial.

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Ads that Reward August 11, 2008

“We pitched them this idea to do this and they were so desperate that they said, ‘Ok, we’ll do it.’ When we started with Salon they had 38,000 paid subscribers. After two years there were 89,500 paid subscribers.”

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Ultramercial Aims for Large Publisher Licensees with New Patent
June 2, 2008

“With firms like Amazon scoring so-called business method patents, Ultramercial founder Dana Jones figured years ago he ought to apply for one, too. Jones has been awarded a U.S. patent he applied for in 2000 for his firm’s signature commercial break-style ad unit, which launched later in 2002. The company aims to license the patented “method and system” to large site publishers.”

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